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Karori Road existing site

Existing Site

This site was a balance of land left over from a Unit Title Development. It was overgrown, untidy and was zoned for mixed use.

Karori road development render

Proposed Design

Two 2-bedroom townhouses were incorporated in the design with one being below the footpath and one being above the footpath. This staggered appearance respected the sunlight for the adjoining neighbours, while making the building mass more proportionate with the existing buildings either side within this area.

Karori road construction phase

Construction Phase

Concrete blockwork and floors formed the basement design for these townhouses. Once these were constructed, lightweight timber was built above street level. With a mixture of commercial and domestic type construction the building was able to easily meet structural, fire and acoustic standards.


These finished townhouses sit proudly and tastefully within the suburb of Karori. They have been built to a high standard, are extremely attractive and are an architectural highlight within this suburb.

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Karori road completed development

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