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Beautiful landscaping can make a genuine difference to any home or property.

Whether it’s a simple design or something elaborate, taking the time and making the effort to create an oasis around the home can make living there feel all the more enjoyable. Not to mention, for property developers and homeowners looking to sell, landscaping can also increase the value of the property by greatly improving the street appeal.

You can plan the outdoor work at the same time as you plan the initial build of a property, or you can arrange landscaping for a home that’s already decades old – or at any time in between.

Landscaping with Design Network.

While many homeowners and property developers can create beautiful gardens on their own, a professional landscaper can offer an expert view on a section. They can provide creative solutions, unique ideas, and practical suggestions that enhance and make the most of the natural features of the property itself. Hiring an expert landscaper can make a huge difference to the final product.

Design Network offers expert landscape advice to improve the natural beauty around your home or property. Whether for your own enjoyment or to increase its value, our team can provide unique, professional advice and planning to new builds and for multi-unit proposals.

All multi-unit developments that need Resource Consent must be accompanied by a Landscape Plan.

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