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Core developments.

Multi-unit and Medium Density

Multi-unit and medium density housing offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for urban living. Discover the latest trends and design considerations.


Design Network offers efficient subdivision planning and construction, including a range of home styles and units for a desirable community.

Two/Three Storey

Building two/three-storey housing in urban areas can maximise space and density, but also requires careful design and structural considerations.


Mixed-use development is an adaptable concept that enhances urban living by bringing together various facets of life in one cohesive space.


For over 30 years, we have designed executive homes that reflect individual owners’ dreams, taking time to create bespoke, superior architecture.


Developing multi-unit housing in heritage buildings is a complex challenge due to preservation requirements and council restrictions.

A diverse team with proven experience in the New Zealand Building industry.


Design Network Architecture Ltd began with a core team of architectural designers, and has grown to include an extended team of building scientists, landscaping specialists and planners among other staff.

Our Design Network directors have over 45 years working experience in the building industry between them, with a skilled team of qualified staff extending this to well over 100 years of experience. We value knowledge, teamwork, and a diverse skill set.

Learn more about our skills, staff, and services below.

Our recent projects.

Cuba Street

Fire Station

Dudley Street

Karori Road

Our senior team.

Kevin Collins
Gavin Barber
Thomas Murray
Rachel Barnden
Ken Landall