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Lower Hutt fire station before

Existing Site

This site incorporated the rundown building of the Waterloo Fire Station. The building could not be demolished so the overall site remained the same with land subdivision integrated behind the building. Approval was granted for the fire tower building at the rear of the site to be demolished.

Lower Hutt fire station render

Proposed Design

This design incorporated a change of use from an ex-Fire Station into 14 new apartments. Added to this challenge was the Historic Category A Rating. By renovating the building and retaining many of the historic features the completed design evolved into an outstanding example of what the right type of development, done right, shows.

Lower Hutt fire station under construction

Construction Phase

This building needed to be seismically upgraded, completely refurbished and the middle floor removed within the existing building. Apart from the concrete shell all aspects of the existing building were upgraded with new windows, roof and plastering system. Every design detail was carefully monitored to ensure that the finished building was a true reflection of the original building.


This apartment conversion of the Waterloo Fire Station is a fine example of what can be done with an historic building. The completed design stands proudly within Waterloo Road and has re-used a building that was no longer fit for purpose.

Lower Hutt Fire Station Apartments are a credit to all the people involved who worked well as a team with the same ambition to achieve the highest standard possible.

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Lower Hutt Fire Station

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