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Multi-unit and Medium Density

Multi-unit and Medium Density housing offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for urban living. Discover the latest trends and design considerations.


Design Network offers efficient subdivision planning and construction, including a range of home styles and units for a desirable community.

Two/Three Storey

Building two/three-storey housing in urban areas can maximize space and density, but also requires careful design and structural considerations.


Mixed-use development is an adaptable concept that enhances urban living by bringing together various facets of life in one cohesive space.


For over 30 years, we have designed executive homes that reflect individual owners’ dreams, taking time to create bespoke, superior architecture.


Developing multi-unit housing in heritage buildings is a complex challenge due to preservation requirements and council restrictions.


We are comprised of a team of architectural designers. From family homes to multi-unit developments, our reputation for beautiful, functional homes is well known in the industry.

Building Contracts

In New Zealand, if you are carrying out any building work that costs more than $30,000 (including GST), you must have a written contract covering the project.

Building Consents

Building Consents are vital for almost every project and must be approved by an accredited registered Building Consent Authority (BCA) prior to work taking place on site.

Resource Consents

Property owners and developers must apply to their local council for Resource Consent to make various changes to the building or the property itself.


Flooding is a potential risk for many properties across New Zealand, which is why it’s vital for designers to take these risks into account at the early stage of any project.


Whether it’s a simple design or something elaborate, Design Network offers expert landscape advice to improve the natural beauty around your home or property.

Other Consultants

There are many different consultants that may be required through the design process, a few of the more common ones include a surveyor, structural engineer and fire engineer.

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